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It all started in a shoebox...

You know those tiny spaces New Yorkers call an apartment? Well, after cramming my holiday tray into the back of a cabinet (for it to just sit there for the next 11 months) all my feelings of excitement from hosting a celebration turned into regret for buying something so impractical.

So, we set out to redesign the always-handy home accessory, putting versatility and style hand-in-hand.

Because we believe limited space shouldn't mean limited options. We're all about celebrating the seasons & creating memorable moments ⁠— without all the clutter.

Life at home should be fun and personal.

Create memorable moments. Set the mood whether it's a party-of-one or the wildest of celebrations. Go with an unexpected color or pattern. Step outside your style comfort-zone.

That's making a statement.

We're for the straightforward and the uncomplicated

Decor hacks that actually work, go-to dishes & drinks over "how in the world is this considered easy?" Pinterest recipes. Arranging store-bought food rather than hours over the stove. And, we're sharing our tips with you.

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