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Halloween Cornbread-Pumpkin-Goat Cheese Bites

by Statement Home |

These Cornbread-Pumpkin-Goat Cheese bites are the app we savory tooths are craving this halloween. Anything in small bite portions makes us feel like we're at a Halloween parties of year's past, which is something we all could use a bit of this year.

Full of just a few fall ingredients, these bites work all-season long. One sec while we add these to our Thanksgiving appetizer pinterest board...


1. Cornbread (your favorite store bought mix, homemade from scratch, or a store-bought loaf will all work)

2. Herbed Goat Cheese

3. Pumpkin Butter (we recommend Trader Joe's Pumpkin Butter, but any sweetened pumpkin sauce, butter, or chutney work)

4. Pumpkin Seeds


1. Slice cornbread into 1 inch thick slices. Cut each slice into four pieces.

2. Place cornbread on a baking sheet with pumpkin seeds

3. Toast cornbread and pumpking seeds in the oven at 375 degrees for 10-15 mins or until the cornbread is lightly toasted (golden brown on top). Be careful not to burn the pumpkin seeds.

4. Let the cornbread and sunflower seeds cool slightly to avoid the goat cheese from melting

5. Spread herbed goat cheese on top of each cornbread piece

6. Using a spoon, add a drop of pumpkin butter on top on each piece

7. Top with a few roasted pumpkin seeds

8. Place the bites on a festive serving tray like the Statement Tray in Black and the skull print side of our Dark & Spooky Reversible Insert.

Ok fiiiine, add some candy to this savory situation...but it's on the side, so that doesn't really count. Right?

Candy also helps bring Halloween flair without having to buy extra decorations. We're all about that edible decor. It's a win-win for you and your cabinet space.

Set the scene with cocktail napkins and assorted pumpkins.



Dark & Spooky Reversible Insert

Two-sided, sturdy Styrene plastic, glossy finish

Statement Tray - Black

Premium acrylic, 20x12x2 in. (also available in white & clear)

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