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Three ways to dress up your coffee table tray for Fall

by Statement Home |

We've been there! Changing the look of your space for the season can somtimes feel so overwhelming. But, styling one piece in your home (like a coffee table tray) can really change the feel and add a seasonal look to your space without much work.

From classic, but elevated fall styling to modern prints like marble and bold stripes, explore this visual guide (including how-to videos) for three different ways to style your coffee table tray to make a statement this Fall.


The leopard print side of our Bold & Fierce Insert is great for fall! It has warm color tones, but also is a bit unexpected and elevates any space. Style the tray with decorative pumpkins in deep fall colors and candles in gold and bronze to match the warmth of the leopard print.

Filled a small vase with fresh greenery, orange flowers, and multi-colored decorative corn. Style the rest of the tray with items in your home that reflect the rich color scheme (burnt oranges, browns, deep yellows, muted greens, etc.) like books, coasters, and a mini bowl you can fill with nuts or candies.


For a neutral look, go for black and white stripes side of the Bold & Fierce Insert which adds personality to the space while still remaining neutral. For something seasonal, style the tray with black and white decorative pumpkins and white leafy stems. Pampas grass is also a great option! Add some white candles for warmth, a clear bowl filled with your fav candies for a little somethin' sweet. We chose dark chocolate peanut butter cups - delicious and in the color scheme...a win-win!

The best part: this look is ready for Halloween too. 


Sometimes, Fall decor can seem in total conflict with a modern, urban space. Pumpkin spice and bright orange is certainly not for everyone. However, you can totally create a fall look that remains understated, chic, and modern. 

The dark marble side of our Dark & Moody Insert is the perfect backdrop for a contemporary vibe. A few decorative white pumpkins is really all the "fall" you need. Style the rest of the tray with potted succulents, a candle, and some clever cocktail napkins. Optional, but highly recommended: red wine. 



Sturdy, Styrene, Glossy Finish, 3mm thick


Sturdy, Styrene, Glossy Finish, 3mm thick

The Statement Tray

White, premium acrylic, 20x12 inches

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